What is web hosting?

Qu’est-ce que l’hébergement web

Web hosting is the service of providing storage space for a website or application on a server on the internet. Once your website is made available on the internet.

How to choose the right web hosting package:

There are several web hosting options available. To know which one would be right for your business, ask yourself: what kind of website do you plan to host online a news website, an blog, or ecommerce portal, etc,  this will determine how much web traffic you expect.

What are the web hosting options available?

There are a few approaches to have your website:

Shared Hosting:  On the off chance that you have a blog or a private venture that is simply beginning, Shared Hosting is a decent alternative to begin with. It's the most reasonable hosting choice accessible as your server space is shared by different websites.

WordPress Hosting:  If you have a WordPress blog or website, it is suggested that you buy a WordPress hosting bundle as it is particularly improved to oblige your WordPress website.

VPS hosting: You can think of VPS hosting as a higher, stronger more advanced form of shared hosting. While you do share a server with other websites, you are assigned resources that are not shared with the other properties. If you cannot afford a dedicated server, VPS is the way to go.

Dedicated Hosting: Committed hosting gives you finish/managerial control of your server with full root get to. You can introduce any product you wish to.