5 Marketing Strategies For Your Restaurant!

5  Marketing Strategies For Your Restaurant!

Digital solutions such as Booking, Facebook and TripAdvisor ensure that any bad restaurant experience does not go unnoticed. A negative review can be disastrous for your business, so it's important to have an online marketing strategy for your restaurant to deliver a positive first impression.

Find the 5 marketing strategies for your restaurant in this article!

1- Collect your customers' opinions

It is very difficult to know the feelings of a customer who has come to your restaurant if you do not ask them. With digital solutions, however, it is very easy to collect the opinions of your customers. Moreover, if the customer is satisfied, he will recommend you. If, on the contrary, the experience was not to his liking, he will discourage his relatives from coming.

To prevent this from happening, give the customer the option to leave feedback about your service and restaurant. You will know that you are on the right track if the evaluation is positive. Otherwise, you will have very valuable elements to improve the quality of your restaurant.

Our advice for collecting your customers' opinions: highlight your Facebook or Google My Business page on the receipt and invite your customers to leave a message on these networks!

2- Be present on social networks

Boost your restaurant's visibility with an engaging and interactive social media presence! This gives you the opportunity to engage your customers all year round, to grow your brand image. By being present on Facebook or Instagram, you offer the possibility to new customers to discover you by posting your products, your menu, customer reactions...

So don't waste a second and create your profiles on Facebook, or Instagram.

Our advice: Post regularly to create a regular meeting with your followers and fans! If you need help with this, click here to learn more!

3- Invite bloggers and influencers

Contacting a blogger and inviting them to visit your restaurant costs very little and this strategy can pay off a lot. The article or video that they will then produce will perhaps become viral with your target and will allow you to have new customers and make your restaurant known.

But do not forget the most important thing: each client must be treated as a blogger or an influencer because in the end each client has his power of influence with his community: his friends, his family, his social networks… (don’t forget that each customer also has a Facebook or Instagram account or can directly leave a review on your Google My Business page).

4- Create a website and reference it!

Today, it is absolutely necessary, not to say mandatory, to have a website. This makes you visible on the web and offers you new opportunities. Make it simple so users can see what they need without having to click many times. Try to highlight the order taking or booking form on the first page. The site should highlight all the aspects that differentiate you from the competition: quality, type of food, free WiFi, discounts...

Do you need a website? Ask our services!

Example: La Terrasse des épices Restaurant Marrakech

Don't neglect images on your site. These must be attractive and envy. Do not hesitate to call on a professional photographer who will be able to highlight the quality of your products. You can use them on your social networks or on your Google My Business page.

By doing this, you will improve your brand image but also your natural referencing because you will send positive signals to Google about your restaurant.

5- Integrate social media into your menu

Don't look for saturation, look for details. Add social media to your restaurant menu. Create hashtags for Facebook and Instagram and your customers will participate by adding comments or photos of your dishes.

You could organize a contest by inviting customers to send a photo of their dish on social networks by mentioning your name. Do not neglect social networks because this is where you will have the opportunity to easily reach your potential customers!

Would you like to implement all these strategies but you don't have the time? We are here to support you in your strategy, go here to contact us!