Web Design Trends 2019


Only a few weeks left in this year and most of us are planning ahead for 2019. So here we are discussing web design trends for 2019 and website design examples which can amaze you.

Here is the top Web Designs Trends for 2019 :


This may not be so brand-new of a trend, but moving forward, responsive web design, and even more so accessibility, will be on the forefront in web design. So, when you’re planning ahead, don’t forget to test your sites for responsiveness & include aids to truly give everyone access to your web presence.


Less is more, and this goes also for the future of web design. Moving forward, layouts will carry forward simplified & minimal design with lots of flat elements and even translucent buttons.


We, as a society, are more and more pressed for time! And on average you have less than 15 seconds to impress your website visitor before they are ready to leave and never come back again. Provide them with a simple and user-centric experience. Less clicking around means, fewer chances to bounce … maybe even consider strategic single-page design to communicate with your web audience.

4- Animated Background / Videos and SVGs :

Scalable Vector Graphics are not a new concept. But they have overtaken traditional file formats like GIF, JPG, and PNG. This is thanks to the many advantages offered by pixels including scalability and high speed. SVG give the best user experience due to their unmatched quality.

5- Sticky Elements :

Sticky navigation is becoming more and more prominent in web design. The trend is to have sticky elements at the top, bottom, or sides of the page, so it does not disturb the website visitor. This gives the user more access to more information. You can use sticky elements to highlight a promotion, your social media links, chatbot, or a call-to-action.

In conclusion, designing a more trendy website can be easier now than ever thanks to all the available tools, but there are still some coming in future so designers should have to watch out for.