Yahya Group


Yahya Group :

Yahya is a self-taught designer and artist who was born in London and discovered the art of sculpturing light and metalworking on a trip to Marrakech, where he opened a workshop and then a gallery in 2005 to showcase his collections of lighting, furniture, accessories, decorative pieces, architectural elements and artworks. Yahya’s reputation has been established on a refined luxury which is both discreet and timeless.

His works are recognised for their subtle yet sophisticated simplicity and purity. They are both contemporary and ultra-chic whilst being infused with delicate oriental touches, patterns hand-sawn with a jeweller's precision. His art is characterised by contrasting yet complimentary influences. It has been exhibited internationally and he is commissioned to produce exceptional pieces for public and private projects the world over. Difficult to classify, the works are a harmonious fusion of Eastern elegance and Western minimalism that blurs the boundaries between Art and Design.