What is an SSL Certificate and How Does it Work?

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are meant to accredit a website is sending secure information from a particular person who owns a public key.

A public key is a large numerical value provided by an appointed, trusted authority to provide access to encrypted data. This key can be computer generated as well. Required parties are granted access through a publicly accessible digital directory.

SSL certificates provide customers with the knowledge the website they are visiting is secure and trustworthy because it uses a public key. When a license is implemented, it engages an HTTPS setting, often represented by a padlock or a green bar at the top of a website. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP web communications.

Pulling It All Together

Businesses who wish to exude security to their customers need to use an HTTPS URL. Using an SSL certified public key with a level of domain validation is the only way to accomplish this security. It is not a complicated process, but collecting these certifications will require a little bit of effort and a third party. It is worth the effort, though, to guarantee your customers that your website is safe and their data is secure.